5.2 Koretsky and Millican Talk Stability For 2023

4.25 One Down and One To Go

Jan 10, 2023

Kyle Koretsky and Clay
Millican join host Brian Lohnes on this episode of the NHRA Insider
podcast. Both of these racers had wild positive upheaval in their
2022 campaigns, with the Koretsky family buying Maple Grove Raceway
and Millican’s team being purchased and added to the Rick Ware
Racing fold. The conversations with both racers center around how
those changes are behind them and how 2023 is a positive, fresh,
and stable slate. 

Lohnes talks about the
upcoming difficulty in a top fuel class that continues to rise,
additional pressures with new competitors coming in pro stock, and
some of the other news of the drag racing week. 


A fun talk with two fan-favorite racers here
on the Insider!

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