NHRA Insider Podcast: 5.3 The Late Bloomers

4.25 One Down and One To Go

Jan 18, 2023

On this episode of the NHRA Insider Podcast, Cruz Pedregon and
Leah Pruett join host Brian Lohnes to talk about strong late-season
2022 performances and the hopeful prospects for 2023 with renewed
vigor and established teams. 

Cruz Pedregon took a leap at the end of 2022, swapping to a
six-disc clutch program and bringing on Lee Beard to assist John
Collins, his crew chief. This resulted in the most dominating win
of his long career at the NHRA Finals in Pomona. Pedregon talks
about being at the Chili Bowl with his midget race cars, his
outlook for 2023, what the prospects are for the Raiders signing
Tom Brady, and his testing plans for the winter. 

Leah Pruett’s team was barely assembled before the 2022 season.
They matured and won Denver and then had a strong car for the last
stretch of the season. The win lights didn’t come on, but the
performance was certainly ramped up. Leah talks about the late Ken
Block, transitioning to the role of driver and not a “do-all”
person on a team, and how their stable crew will help them succeed
in 2023. 

That and more on this episode of the NHRA Insider!

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