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Ground effect Tyrell 011

Ground effect Tyrell 011

Tyrrell 011. Powered by the very successful 530bhp Cosworth DFV V8 Engine.

It was in this era of the late 70’s and early 80’s that formula 1 teams explored a new area called ground effect.

It was originally pioneered by lotus, and very quickly adopted by the rest of the field, this Tyrell being one of them. The design principle was simple, use as much surface area of the car as wing.

By closing the edge of the sidepods with vertically sliding skirts to the track they could seal the low pressure within the underside of the floor, creating a “tunnel” and therefore significantly increasing its downforce.

The ground effect became so effective the lateral g-forces became a real concern and deemed too dangerous, side skirts were banned from 1981 by the FIA, and eventually flat floors becoming mandatory from 83 onwards.

The Tyrell 011 competed for 3 seasons, but only secured 2 race wins. Both in the US.

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