FuelTech Has New High-Impedance Fuel Injectors


Fuel injection isn’t a new form of automotive technology, but the parts that make up the fuel injection system are always evolving and improving. FuelTech is known for its ECUs that control an engine and the company has expanded into other areas, including fuel injectors. The company’s latest offerings are the 240lb/h and 170lb/h high impedance FT Injectors.

FT Injectors were developed over the span of several years to be a high-quality part that’s durable and able to provide an elevated level of performance. FuelTech performed salinization tests on all the raw materials used in the FT Injectors to ensure the injectors would be resistant to corrosion. The high-impedance injectors are compatible with any ECU on the market, and any fuel you can think of.

Luis De Leon from FuelTech explains what makes these injectors special.

“The high impedance FT Injectors use real flow numbers. That means the injectors are all tested and calibrated to ensure they have optimal linearity. These injectors are flow-matched by design, which allows them to have outstanding repeatability and accuracy for each cylinder. The FT Injectors will provide users with something that’s important in a high-performance EFI system, consistency, season after season.”

Both the 240lb/h and 170lb/h FT Injectors will work without a peak and hold driver. The injectors use an EV1-style connector that features silver-plated terminals. FuelTech also offers full customer support after you purchase a set of FT Injectors. You can learn more about these injectors right here on FuelTech’s website.

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