GM LT TVS2650 Supercharger

GM LT TVS2650 Supercharger

Harrop Engineering is a great source of performance parts, and the company has built a reputation as a supercharger specialist. We had the opportunity to visit with Harrop at the 2023 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This gave us the chance to lay eyes and hands on the company’s GM LT TVS2650 supercharger.

About Harrop Engineering

Harrop Engineering is an Australian company that boasts a history going back to 1955. Its state-of-the-art designs and on-track successes have earned the company a reputation in the aftermarket industry and with international motorsport teams. In fact, Harrop Engineering has played a part in the success of global racing teams for over 40 years. In the early years, the company established its core products. These included brakes, drivetrain, and engine components. In 2004, Eaton partnered with Harrop Engineering on supercharger technology, and Harrop added superchargers to its product inventory.

Harrop Is Involved In Several Performance Partnerships

Through the years, Harrop Engineering has been involved in several performance partnerships. The company contributed to the wild “EFIJY” concept car, which was built on a stretched and widened C5 Corvette chassis. Among other things, Harrop provided a polished LS supercharger assembly and finned billet rocker covers for the 6.0-liter LS2-based HSV engine.

GM LT TVS2650 Supercharger Overview

The GM LT TVS2650 is an upgrade kit for the family of LT engines. It is a direct replacement for the TVS1740 supercharger assembly. The supercharger is equipped with an Eaton TVS2650 rotating group that has been proven to help produce over 1,300 horsepower. It has a front drive/front inlet design with a shorter, less restrictive intake path that helps to improve boost response. The factory water-to-air intercooler system uses intercooler cores that are 2.5 times larger than stock. The supercharger manifold incorporates independent drive assembly and throttle body housings that allow flexible throttle body applications. The system suits both wet and dry LT4 sump setups. Furthermore, it is available with Harrop’s low- or tall-profile cast supercharger lid or the company’s optional range of billet lids that are perfect for custom builds.

GM LT TVS2650 Supercharger

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