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You can’t convince me that I-4 isn’t the worst road ever | Articles

Colin Wood

That CR-V is giving off some serious Big Altima Energy™.

I hate I4 with a passion I rarely apply to other things in my life.

Went to visit my gf’s family the other weekend in Titusville.  From St Pete you pretty much drive straight across.

I made up an errand in Lecanto, then took surface roads across the state in order to avoid I4.  Probably should have taken 192 across.


berkeley I4.

In reply to Mr_Asa :

I used to be petrified to drive I-4 (I got caught in one too many accidents), though I’ve since gotten more comfortable after I drove in L.A. traffic.

Even then, I still try to avoid I-4 if I can help it.

It’s basically like driving in LA, except everyone is 40 years older and driving bigger, heavier cars.

Come to my neighborhood in Detroit and you will revise your opinion of what awful and dangerous driving looks like. 

I can’t imagine that I4 is any worse than I26 in South Carolina. 

The fast lane running 90. The slow lane running 60. Oh, you wanted a middle lane? Funny boy, we don’t spend money to fix the gargantuan holes or fill the ruts that are literally worn into the asphalt, much less add another lane. 

The 100-mile stretch of I26 between Charleston and Columbia had just shy of 900 crashes that put almost 1200 people in the hospital and killed 33. I pretty much don’t drive on it anymore. Hwy 176 parallels it and you stand a much smaller chance of crashing or getting…

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