BoostedGT’s Success as NPK’s Race Master

boostedgt, Chris Hamilton

Although drag racing is about going as quickly as possible in a straight line to get the win, life more often resembles a road course with its constant changes of direction. For Chris “BoostedGT” Hamilton, the stardom and success he achieved as a racer on Discovery’s Street Outlaws series has turned a corner, and now the man is enjoying an unexpected second career as the voice of the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings series.

The Texas-based racer made a name for himself as one of the baddest contenders on the no-prep scene with his bright yellow, turbocharged, small-tire “Nanner” New Edge Ford Mustang Cobra; he later stepped up his program even further with the addition of his orange S197 Mustang, but it seems like fate had bigger plans for Hamilton.

“Back in Season 2 of No Prep Kings, there wasn’t a dedicated announcer. The cast would talk on the mic between rounds, or if someone got knocked out of the race, they’d come up to rehash it,” Hamilton recalls. Pilgrim Studios, the organization behind NPK’s success, was still sorting out a smooth, winning equation for the show’s live event logistics.

boostedgt, Chris Hamilton

During an event in Tulsa, Hamilton was approached by NPK’s producer, who asked him to get on the mic. “I was like, ‘in front of all these people?! Oh God, no, that sounds terrible!’” laughs Hamilton, who had never announced before but was surprisingly good on stage. “But I started doing it, and it was fun. Things flowed well and they asked me to announce at a few other races.”

Hamilton was still busy racing in NPK’s small-tire category at the time, so he balanced his competitive endeavors with his newfound MC gig as best he could. For Season 3, though, Pilgrim suggested Hamilton handle the mic full-time instead of racing. “I’d rather race, and NPK’s small-tire payouts had been $10,000-to-win. But I weighed my options – I could either haul my car across the country and spend a ton of money on parts and fuel, or I could fly in and be a part of something great and growing and still get paid to do it,” says Hamilton.

I love racing, but I’m not going to ruin myself financially and go broke trying to win. Announcing is how I can be a big part of NPK.

Realizing the new opportunity was a win-win, Hamilton decided to go all-in as No Prep Kings’ official announcer. He still raced sporadically throughout Season 3 and often shared the mic duties with Chuck Seitsinger, but Hamilton mastered the microphone and established…

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