Build Like The Pros With DEI Heat And Sounds Shielding Products


Not all of us build high-end custom vehicles or race cars professionally for a living. However, that doesn’t stop many of us from wanting to use the same parts the professionals use when we can. Fortunately, in today’s market, companies offer the same catalog of components to DIY’ers as they do to the pros. One such company is Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), a leading manufacturer of high-performance heat-protection products.

Heat is something that has to be considered when building custom or high-performance vehicles. It can cause damage to electrical components and ruin painted surfaces. Additionally, heat robs horsepower, so for every degree you can lower temperatures under the hood, the better your engine will perform. This is where DEI shines.

This Buick Grand National by Dutchboys Hotrods captures your attention from any and every angle.

For 25 years, DEI has been designing and developing its “Thermal Tuning Products” to solve the ongoing struggle with underhood power-robbing heat. From exhaust wrap to turbo blankets and heat-shielding products for wiring, if you need to protect something from heat, DEI most likely has a high-quality product for you. As a leader in automotive thermal protection, many of the top custom car builders use DEI products on their projects.

One such shop is Dutchboys Hotrods of Vicksburg, Michigan. The Dutchboys team is led by Joe Van Nus and his son, Paul. Together with the help of their talented employees, the duo turns out incredible complete custom builds. We caught up with Joe and Paul to take a look at an amazing Buick Grand National they are building and discuss what DEI products are being put to use on this amazing car and why they choose DEI products on all of their builds.


Paul and his father Jim brought their creation sand hood, driver door, and driver fender to show off their craftsmanship and all of the DEI products used throughout the car.

The car is a 1987 Buick Grand National that came to the Dutchboys shop as a stock vehicle. Because no one at the time built an aftermarket chassis for the Grand National to do what they wanted it to do, the Dutchboys team set to work building their own chassis using components from Detroit Speed and one-off framerails. The idea for this car was a powerful pro-touring style, so to get the car low enough for Paul’s liking the body is channeled down over the chassis and is welded together at multiple points to create a stiff unibody construction. The fenders and…

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