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Ranking the top 10 Benetton F1 drivers

Ranking the top 10 Benetton F1 drivers

A host of big-name racing drivers passed through Team Witney/Team Enstone between its eras known as Toleman and Renault. While some were on the way up, others were heading in the other direction. But what can’t be mistaken is the team’s impact on F1 and the legacy it left behind.

Autosport has already produced a top 10 feature, ranking the best drivers for the team during its F1 tenure.

Now Autosport’s Chief Editor Kevin Turner is joined by Damien Smith, author of the book ‘Benetton: Rebels of Formula 1’, to discuss its merits and why the driver who took its first and last wins 11 years apart falls in behind two plucky Britons…


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