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Some “very smart decisions” being made about MotoGP’s 2027 rules

Pit Beirer, KTM Factory Racing

The current technical formula in MotoGP will change in 2027, with one of the biggest differences coming in the form of engine displacement being reduced from 1000cc to 850cc.

MotoGP will also move to 100% sustainable fuels from 2027, while it is thought major changes to the current aerodynamic rules will be made.

During the launch of the KTM-backed Tech3 team earlier this week, Beirer offered an update on how discussions over the 2027 regulations were going between MotoGP and the manufacturers.

“I feel some very smart decisions have been made for the ‘27 regulations,” he said.

“Maybe one or the other idea we should discuss if it would not make sense to make the changes even earlier.

“But in general to take out the little bit of extreme technology that is influencing the riding style, the riding itself, we should take out a little bit to give the tools a bit more back to the rider to decide when to brake, when to pass, how to manage the race, how to manage the front tyre.

“But looking to ‘27, reducing engine capacity, getting rid of ride height devices, limiting the aerodynamic size of the wings and stuff, they are all the right decisions for sure. 

“So, I feel everyone is aware of what’s going on and everything’s going in the right way.”

Photo by: KTM Images

Pit Beirer, KTM Factory Racing

Beirer was positive about the state of MotoGP right now, but did concede that the series “must be very careful” not to swell the calendar much beyond the scheduled 22 rounds the 2024 season is set to stage.

“I mean, the championship I feel is great, otherwise we would not be here,” he added. “We enjoy it a lot. The sprint races came on board, it doubled the amount of races.

“But we really love it because we think we give this extra to the public and spectators who come to the races. And everyone at home watches racing on Saturday rather than a qualifying practice.

“But we must be very careful [not] to go over the limit and I don’t make a secret that our wishing number for the total of races, we see a limit reaching somewhere around 18, not 22.

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“But it’s a global championship, so we want to be involved. We will not complain too badly about it, but our information is on the table that clearly we would rather have two or three races less but in the same format.

“I would not question mark the sprint races. I think they are really good for the sport.

“If you see most of the…

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