We Asked A.I. To Show Us What It Thinks Drag Cars Look Like

artificial intelligence, a.i.,(a.i.)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools have dominated conversations in the technology and workplace productivity sectors of society over the last couple of years, as the so-called fifth-generation era of computing begins to change and evolve how we work and even how home products and services we interact with function. Such tools can write for you, they can create images and video, and much more … and we’ve really only scratched the surface of what will be possible with further development in the years to come.

A.I.-driven photo tools in particular have gained notoriety in the news in recent weeks, with their questionable use in the creation of images depicting the likenesses of famous persons and politicians in comprising — and very fictitious — scenarios. These tools are, however, very beta in nature, and a bit, we’ll say, rough around the edges. Eventually, these tools will create images so real, of even offbeaten things like drag racing, that you’ll be unable to discern fact from fiction. But it’s not there, yet. So we decided to ask one of the popular services out there to create images of what it believes represents drag racing and drag racing machinery, and these are just some of the hilarious examples of what it came up with. Some are impressive, others confirm the A.I. is definitely, shall we say, confused.

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