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#TBT | Want to race a Saturn? Here’s some insider know-how. | Articles

#TBT | Want to race a Saturn? Here's some insider know-how. | Articles

[Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the May 1999 issue of Grassroots Motorsports.]

Most people who own a television (read here: you) are probably pretty familiar with the Saturn product—a cute, reliable commuter car targeted at single buyers who like to have a free donut while their car is in for an oil change. You probably also know that these …

So, Why Would Anyone Want to Race a Saturn?

This is a question my wonderful wife wrestles with daily, but when you look at the recent successes of Saturn racing efforts—SCCA Solo II E Stock National Championship (1997), SCCA World Challenge Manufacturer’s Championship (1997), two SCCA Showroom Stock C Runoffs top-15 finishers (1998), LeMans GT1 Category Champions (okay, so I made that last one up)—one has to think that these cars have some basic competition potential.

Of course, another question quickly comes to mind: “Then why are there are so few Saturns competing?” One theory is that since Saturn is the new kid on the block, the word simply is not out yet (possible). Another reason could be the relative lack of aftermarket support and information available (probable). And finally, a contingency program from Saturn sure would help (bingo).

Solo II Classification

In general, all unmodified 2-series Saturns (check out the catchy sidebar on page 66 to find out what “2-series” means) are classified in SCCA’s Solo II E Stock, while modified 2-series Saturns compete in C Street Prepared. Unmodified 1-series Saturns are classified in H Stock, and modified 1-series Saturns compete in D Street Prepared.

There have been a whole bunch of E Stock Saturns showing up for the Solo II Nationals each year, and many more are competing around the country in local events. Show up to your local club’s event, and chances are pretty good that there will be a Saturn or two running through (or over) the pylons. Saturns of all ilk are also ripe for the SCCA’s new Street Touring class that combines elements of both Stock and Street Prepared. Cars must remain emissions-legal, but certain bolt-on suspension and engine upgrades are allowed.

Club Racing Classification

The 1997-’99 SC2 and…

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