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The Only Thing That Matters

Lewis Hamilton cheers after winning the 2021 British Grand Prix (Photo: LAT Images)

Throughout last year, there had been a small section of rumors and whispers about Lewis Hamilton making a shocking move to Ferrari.

Most of the non-Italian F1 press – myself included – blew the rumors off. There’s no way Hamilton would not be Mercedes for life. He’s never driven a car with a non-Mercedes power unit in Formula 1 and had been with the works team for 11 seasons, with which he won 6 championships.

But there’s something funny about drivers desperate for a championship: they don’t care about doing it the right way, the wrong way, or the left or right way. They just want a way.

For example, in 1973, DiGard Racing came into being. Fielding NASCAR Cup Series cars out of their Daytona Beach shop, literally in the shadow of the legendary racetrack, Donnie Allison became their first driver.

Allison held stock in the team and was a co-owner in addition to his driving duties. But after a few years, DiGard kicked the future 2024 NASCAR Hall of Fame, inductee, to the curb, leaving Allison flat on his butt, with no payout or any actual stake in the team. According to the Allisons, DiGard just took his money and ran.

About ten years later, DiGard had proven themselves to have the equipment to win a championship. They simply hadn’t been able to. They turned to a driver who had the talent to win a championship but simply hadn’t been able to: Bobby Allison.

Yes, Bobby Allison drove for the team that reportedly screwed his brother out of a lot of money. And eventually, they would also piss the older brother off. Not only did he continue to drive for them, he also won a championship with them. And that’s all that matters.

And now Hamilton heads to Ferrari, the team that was once the largest thorn in his side when Sebastian Vettel led the team. His first race with Scuderia will come a month after he turns 40-years-old.

His teammate will be Charles Leclerc, who Vettel called the best driver he had ever come across in Formula 1 after Leclerc easily beat him…

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