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Mobil 1 50th Anniversary: Ready for What’s Next

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SPRING, TX – February 5, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – ExxonMobil is proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of Mobil 1™ motor oil to the global marketplace. In 2024, ExxonMobil will commemorate its 50-year history of the Mobil 1™ brand with a series of initiatives across partnerships, motorsports, and virtual reality, each of which will highlight the brand’s legacy and what’s to come.

Beginning as the first full synthetic automotive motor oil and later expanding into a line of Mobil 1 branded oils, the Mobil 1 brand has been at the forefront of engine protection for gas-powered and more recently, hybrid and electric cars delivering unmatched quality and performance for the past five decades. Today, Mobil 1™ is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand with an unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration and customers. With this iconic brand, ExxonMobil is excited to continue shaping the future of engine protection and performance.

One of the central components driving the celebration of Mobil 1 in this milestone year is a short film to encapsulate the brand’s journey. ExxonMobil has partnered with former Formula 1 racer and McLaren driver David Coulthard for the video to guide audiences in an immersive journey through the Mobil 1 brand’s evolution, influential collaborations and technological achievements.

Throughout the 2024 motorsports season, the Mobil 1 brand will celebrate its legacy with a series of specially designed liveries and other highlights of the Mobil 1 brand’s extensive racing history.

“ExxonMobil takes great pride in the Mobil 1 brand’s legacy as a revolutionary synthetic motor oil,” said Laura Bustard, Mobil 1 Global Brand Manager. “From its inception 50 years ago, Mobil 1 motor oil has consistently set the standard for quality and performance and will continue to improve and excel for the next 50 years. Anyone with any knowledge of the automotive space or racing knows how iconic this brand has been and will be.”

The Mobil 1 brand’s journey through the last 50 years is a testament to ExxonMobil’s ability to push boundaries and their commitment to performance and sustainability. Mobil 1 has become the trusted choice of leading automakers, professional racers, and millions of drivers worldwide. The Mobil 1 brand’s advanced oil formulations provide unparalleled protection against engine wear, extending engine life and reducing maintenance costs for…

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