Barra Swapped Fox Body Rips Low 9’s In Australia!

barra, ford

GM LS engine swaps into Fox body Ford Mustangs have certainly been all the rage for the last decade and a half, and even remaining on-brand, the later-model 5.0L Coyote and the 7.3L Godzilla have gained traction as powerplants of choice for the Mustang’s most famed generation. It’s rare to really see anything other than these combination in a Fox these days … even the small-bock Ford that came in the car originally. But Australian Jason Waye, owner of Tuff Mounts, set out to be different with a Barra engine.


The Barra engine was a 243 cubic-inch inline six cylinder that Ford Australia produced from 2002 to 2016 for its Falcon and Territory production automobiles. The engine was produced in several variants, including some factory turbocharged models making upwards of 416 horsepower stock. Waye stayed on-brand with his unique build, selecting the “FG” turbo Barra to swap into the well-kept Fox he located and bought in Melbourne.

barra, ford

Waye left the engine virtually stock; he swapped out the OE valve springs, oil pump, and timing chain, and installed an aftermarket head gasket and studs to better handle the boost. There’s also an aftermarket turbo manifold, intake, and Siemens injectors. A Pulsar turbo helps to deliver over 800 horsepower to the rear wheels on E85, via some top-shelf parts, including Strange Engineering gun-drilled axles. Waye relies on a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU to control the combination. Waye has been 9.20s at almost 160 mph with the fully street-legal car on 235 drag radials, but promises more as he transitions to a fully-built Barra engine in the near future.

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