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FIA launches WRC fan survey

FIA launches WRC fan survey

The launch of a new fan survey to collect data from WRC fans is the FIA’s latest step in the process in understanding the future direction for rallying’s top tier.

It follows the creation of a working group in December last year that is designed to “evaluate and recommend the future direction of rallying”. The group is headed by FIA Deputy President Robert Reid, the 2001 World Rally Championship title-winning co-driver, and 1981 WRC co-driver champion David Richards, who is the chairman of Motorsport UK and a World Motor Sport Council member.

Motorsport.com understands a meeting was held between the working group and the current WRC manufacturers in London in December where the format of the rallying’s top tier was discussed. Continuing with Rally1, moving to Rally2 and the possibility of creating Rally2 plus regulations are believed to be the options on the table.    

Today the FIA has announced the launch of a fan survey encouraging WRC supporters to share their views on the championship by answering questions in an 5-10 minute online survey.

Motorsport.com understands that the working group wishes to understand WRC fans and manufacturers’ perceptions of the current state of the competition and what they expect in the future.

An independent agency has been commissioned to produce the survey.


Focus groups are also planned to gather qualitative information, with the recruitment process for these focus groups will take place online. It is also understood that in-depth interview will be held with 10 manufacturers.

The findings from the survey are expected to be presented at the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council at the end of the month.

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