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Why are the F1 GPs of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are on Saturday

Why are the F1 GPs of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are on Saturday

Teams and drivers are gearing up for the longest season in F1’s history, with as many as 24 grands prix on the calendar. However, that’s not the only special thing about the 2024 season, as the year kicks off with two races on Saturday: the Bahrain (2 March) and Saudi Arabian (9 March) grands prix. Why is this? 

Why does the 2024 F1 season start on a Saturday?

The reason the 2024 Formula 1 season starts with two races on Saturdays is Ramadan, which starts on Sunday 10 March – the day the Saudi Arabia grand prix is supposed to be held. Because of the start of Ramadan, this race has been brought forward one day to be held on the Saturday night. The reason that the season opener in Bahrain also takes place a week earlier on Saturday has to do with F1 rules, as the regulations stipulate that there must be at least a week between two races. This forced the Bahrain season opener to be moved one day earlier as well, to accommodate for it.

What does the schedule look like for the races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia?

As the first two races of the season are on a Saturday, the entire schedule has been brought forward by a day. That means the two one-hour free practice sessions will be held on Thursday, while the third free practice and qualifying sessions will then take place on Friday. In both cases, the first day of the weekend is entirely dedicated to the race.

Bahrain GP 2024

Date Session UK start time
Thursday 29 February First free practice 11:30am GMT
Thursday 29 February Second free practice 3pm GMT
Friday 1 March Third free practice 12:30pm GMT
Friday 1 March Qualifying 4pm GMT
Saturday 2 March Grand Prix 3pm GMT

Saudi Arabian GP 2024

Date Session UK start time
Thursday 7 March First free practice 1:30pm GMT
Thursday 7 March Second free practice 5pm GMT
Friday 8 March Third free practice 1:30pm GMT
Friday 8 March Qualifying 5pm GMT
Saturday 9 March Grand Prix 5pm GMT

More F1 races on Saturdays in 2024

The Bahrain and Saudi Arabian grands prix aren’t the only two races in 2024 which will be held on a Saturday, as the Las Vegas Grand Prix on 24 November is also scheduled on a Saturday. This is due to the significant time difference with Europe. In fact, the race takes place at 10pm local time – were it to happen on a Sunday, the race would start at 6am on Monday morning in the UK. Many fans would then have to leave for work, which would result in poor viewing figures. It was therefore…

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