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RB reveals its new VCARB 01 Formula 1 car


Following a winter of significant change for the Faenza-based squad, which has a new team principal and new identity, the VCARB 01 was shown for the first time at a launch party.

The blue, black and white challenger features significant branding from new title sponsors Visa and Cash App.

On the technical front, the new car features some interesting changes that have brought it closer to sister team Red Bull’s concept, having been open about there being closer collaboration for this season.

After opting to run Red Bull-designed rear suspension from last year’s Singapore Grand Prix, RB has now also switched to a pull-rod front suspension layout for this season.

This brings it fully in line with the configuration that Red Bull has put to good use in F1 after winning both titles under the new ground effect rules.

While the VCARB 01 retains many of the design elements of last year’s AlphaTauri AT04, perhaps the most obvious change is to the sidepod area – and especially the inlets.


Photo by: Red Bull Content Pool

RB has moved much more towards the concept that Red Bull has used, although its current design is arguably more similar to the 2022 RB18 challenger.

The team has high hopes of being able to make progress this season after a push from Red Bull to improve its fortunes in F1.

It has a new management structure, with CEO Peter Bayer and team principal Laurent Mekies running the operation.

On the driver front, Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda will continue with the outfit, as they hope to improve on the eighth-place finish that the squad managed in last year’s F1 constructors’ championship.

Speaking at the end of last year, Ricciardo felt that the changes at the team had moved RB away from being viewed as simply a place for Red Bull to develop young drivers.

“I feel like we’re going in the right direction,” said Ricciardo. “And honestly, everything I fed back to the team, I feel like they’ve actioned or done their best to make it happen or make it work.

“So honestly I can’t ask for too much more at the moment. It’s obviously now just how quickly can we get new parts on the car, and this and that.

“I would say, I don’t want to be like patronising, but their heads are in the right place. I feel like we’re all kind of meeting in the right place and looking ahead. I think they value the experience I have, and I think that’s really important kind of moving forward, and they’re motivated.


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