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What Ferrari and Puma’s latest collection could tell us about Ferrari’s 2024 F1 livery

What Ferrari and Puma's latest collection could tell us about Ferrari's 2024 F1 livery

Ferrari has always been red, but if you look back over the liveries even in the last 20 years it is surprising how many other colours have come and gone. Yellow, white, black and even blue (many years ago) have all made an appearance, so what can we expect this season?

The new clothing, which has been revealed in a series of images and a social media video, contains no black at all, with statement white zips on all the zipper tops and jackets. The most interesting element of all, however, is the yellow pin-stripes that line the collars and sleeves and run down almost all the different garments.

Ahead of the clothing launch, the team had already released a video of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz seeing their new race suits – without showing the overalls in shot. The pair’s comments made it clear what the team want people to spot, with Sainz stating: “First of all, the black is gone, the white is back, and obviously the yellow…”

The bold commitment to yellow pays homage to the vibrant colour synonymous with the legacy of Ferrari’s home town of Modena – and, of course, is a main feature of its logo. The word “obviously” suggests yellow is likely to follow onto the car and Sainz continued: “more aggressive, more racey. Bravo Ferrari!”

Black is not back on this year’s Ferrari

One thing that is pretty certain is black will not be back this year. The colour has come and gone on Ferrari’s livery in recent years, with the 2013 car bringing in a heavy undersling of black on the lower sidepod and starting a trend that continued for almost a decade until red became the dominant colour – including even a red rear wing in the early 2020s.

Black was back in force in 2022, this time at the top of the engine cover and as the colour for the front and rear wings, while the recent Ferrari team clothing has featured big blocky black shoulder patches – but those have been ditched in the new Puma gear, providing a clear suggestion that the colour is out of fashion for this season.

Will the wheels turn red – and if so, what colour red?

Clearly, the one colour that has always been associated with Ferrari is red – but it has not always been the same type of red. The traditional hue, known as Rosso Corsa, is deep and rich but previously it has taken on a more orangey tone or a lighter hue to suit different sponsors. In 2020, the car was turned burgundy to celebrate the team’s 1000th race.

When Puma released its…

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