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Husqvarna Motorcycles offers Warranty Extension on 2024 street motorcycles

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Free warranty extension for the 2024 Norden 901, Norden 901 Expedition and Svartpilen 801 at authorized dealers

MURRIETA, CA – March 28, 2024 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – Husqvarna Motorcycles is offering purchasers of the 2024 Norden 901, Norden 901 Expedition and Svartpilen 801 models the chance to double up on their standard 24-month factory warranty. To extend the two-year warranty to four years, riders around the globe simply have to get their motorcycle serviced at an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer. Additionally, the warranty period for Husqvarna Motorcycles Spare Parts and Technical Accessories for all street models will be extended to 24 months. Best of all, these warranty extensions come at no additional charge.

The warranty period is automatically extended, provided regular services are done according to the service schedule at an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer. All that customers need to do is have the official services performed within the 24-month warranty period to prolong the warranty until the next service, up to a maximum of four years. The terms and conditions are identical to those of the initial manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, the Husqvarna Motorcycles manufacturer’s warranty is linked to the motorcycle and can be transferred to a new owner should the original owner sell their motorcycle. This is conditional on the next owner being registered on the official Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer platform. Registration can be done at any Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer.

Valid from the initial date of purchase, all official Husqvarna Motorcycles Spare Parts or Technical Accessories used on all 2024 street motorcycles will also have a full 24-month warranty. This warranty extension applies to Spare Parts and Technical Accessories bought from January 2024 onward.

Jens Tuma – Senior Head of Customer Service: “We always advise our customers to use the official Husqvarna Motorcycles network to get their motorcycles serviced, purely because the staff are trained on those particular models and use approved parts and accessories where applicable. This way we can ensure best possible quality and value preservation of the bikes and it’s also a big reason why we’re really happy to make this warranty extension offer for customers of Husqvarna Motorcycles around the world.”

For further information, specific details and FAQs, please call or visit any authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer. The nearest authorized…

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