ProCharger has created an accessory drive kit for GM engines.

ProCharger has created an accessory drive kit for GM engines.

Project vehicle builds don’t follow a linear path. You might start building a vehicle with the intention of keeping it relatively tame, but then decide to crank up the horsepower potential with a centrifugal supercharger. When you make a big change like this, it can impact things you weren’t thinking of like the engine’s accessory drive needs. That’s where ProCharger can help with its modular accessory drive kits for GM-based engines.

A Look At The Accessory Drive Kit

The modular accessory drive kits that ProCharger has developed provide users with flexible options based on their accessory needs. One of the base kits will come with the water pump pulley, crank pulley, alternator bracket and pulley, along with the serpentine belt and tensioner. The accessories and crank balancer are sold separately.

Now, you can upgrade the kit with a power steering bracket and pulley, A/C bracket and pulley cover, supercharger, intercooler, bypass valve, tubing, supercharger bracket, tensioner, and belt as well. This allows you to build the accessory drive kit you need based on your application. You don’t have to worry about engineering your own accessory drive solution, plus if you want to add a supercharger to your engine package the path has already been built.

In the past, supercharger companies just sold accessory drive parts with an entire supercharger kit. ProCharger saw an opportunity to address a need and that’s why it created these accessory drive kits. Engine swaps have always been popular, and standard accessory drives don’t always have provisions for a centrifugal supercharger. So, with one of these kits, you can make the accessory drive portion of an engine swap easier, plus you’ll also have the ability to add a blower if you want with minimal modifications.

ProCharger developed its accessory drive kits by listening to what its customers wanted and needed. One of the big requests was for the kits to have a compact design that kept everything close to the engine. Customers also wanted the kits to be universal so they could work with different applications. The kits also needed to look good. ProCharger created kits that work with LS, LT, small-block, and big-block GM-based engines. The kits will also work with high-horsepower applications that are making upwards of 1,200 horsepower.

Builds That Use The Accessory Drive Kit

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