I think he is more mad at Denny

"I think he is more mad at Denny"

Larson dominated the first part of the event from pole position before a mid-race caution allowed Truex to take control.

Later on, the battle for the win appeared as if it was going to be between Truex and Larson, with Larson beating him out of the pits during the final cycle of green-flag stops. However, Truex quickly regained the lead while Larson faded down the running order.

Although Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin were closing, Truex seemed set to claim victory. Larson, who was running fourth, then spun just before the white flag after contact from Bubba Wallace. The race was forced into overtime, but Larson was able to recover the car with no damage and minimal positions lost.

Hamlin then grabbed the lead in the pits  and got the better of Truex on the final restart. The driver of the No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota appeared visibly frustrated on track as Hamlin drove off with the victory. He doored Larson, who then returned to the favor. Afterwards, he ran into the back of Hamlin on the cool-down lap, ending the race in fourth position.

Larson finished third, and brushed off the contact with Truex. “I think he [Truex] was just mad. Like, he was mad that the 11 [Hamlin] used him up on the restart. That’s probably where it really started from. Then the 22 [Logano] got to his inside one and two. I got in behind the 22. He just turned left across my nose, had me up on the apron off of two.

“I don’t know if he thought I just piled it in there. Then he door-slammed me down the middle of the backstretch. I figured in three and four I was going to use him up a little bit.

“I think he is more mad at Denny, but I was the closest one to take his anger out on. I haven’t seen a replay either. I’m guessing the replay looks the way I kind of saw one and two, and then he’ll realize that and probably be all right.”

He then went on to praise Truex as  “the most respected guy in the garage area. So I was surprised when he turned left on me down the backstretch after the checkered. It’s all good. I hope he doesn’t have any hard feelings to me because I definitely don’t towards him. Like I said, I got a lot of respect for him.”

Truex’s own post-race interview seemed to focus primarily on Hamlin, questioning the legitimacy of the final restart and claiming Hamlin “used me up” in the battle for the lead.

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