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Sainz wants Pirelli to be more aggressive with future Miami F1 tyre choices

Sainz wants Pirelli to be more aggressive with future Miami F1 tyre choices

Sunday’s race is expected to be a one-stop affair amid the combination of the Miami International Autodrome’s twisty nature, a low-grip surface and warm track temperatures.

The majority of drivers admitted that their qualifying form was dictated by how well they managed to keep the tyre working across a flying lap around the 3.363-mile circuit.

“Unfortunately, I think the tyre compounds are a bit on the conservative side for this grand prix,” said Sainz.

“I think we could’ve maybe done with softer compounds for a bit more strategy variability, so I don’t expect much difference to last year.”

When asked by for his thoughts on the subject, Max Verstappen explained: “Just very low grip, they overheat very quickly for whatever reason. I think they are conservative, but at the same time, they are already overheating.

“I would like more two-stop or three-stop races. I think that’s a lot more fun than having a straightforward one-stop. It’s not really that challenging for the teams and drivers.

“A race, like in China, where you could do a two-stop, it opens up a bit more flexibility in the pit windows. Maybe we could go softer, we’d have to speak to Pirelli about if they want to do that.”

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Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton also voiced his frustration about the narrow operating window of the tyres on the current breed of ground effect cars, which has often been a key factor in Mercedes’ struggles since the dawn of the current regulations.

“Definitely, in all my career, I don’t remember ever having such a small window of working,” said Hamilton of how the handling of his Mercedes is impacted by the tyres.

“Honestly, it’s probably the most frustrating thing.

“You look back in the day when you had a much bigger working window to work with. Then you can just optimise the balance and then just have good grip throughout the whole lap.

“This is definitely my least favourite.”

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