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Kyle Petty Cherishing Year of Reflection, Celebration & Anticipation

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Kyle Petty has had a front row seat to his family’s legacy and presence in the sport.

Between himself, his father Richard and his grandfather Lee, they have combined for 268 wins and 10 NASCAR Cup Series titles. This legacy continues into 2024 in a milestone year, as the Petty family celebrates its 75th year of racing.

The family’s legacy also extends off the track. Kyle Petty’s Charity Ride Across America has embarked on its 28th journey while the Victory Junction, which was founded by Kyle in honor of his late son Adam Petty, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Petty sat down with Frontstretch in April to discuss his upcoming Charity Ride, what the Petty family has contributed and how humbling it has been to watch everything come full circle on and off the track.

Luken Glover, Frontstretch: You have the Charity Ride coming up soon, the 28th anniversary of it. What are you most looking forward to?

Kyle Petty: I think stopping places. This is our 28th Charity Ride. Should be our 30th, but [COVID-19] kind of got in the way a little bit. All of those previous 25 years [before COVID], it was about where we started and kind of where we ended, and we drove past so many places never getting a chance to stop and see anything.

This year, we’re leaving Deadwood [S.D.], going to Mount Rushmore, and then we’re going through Nebraska. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m pumped about going across Nebraska. We’ve been to a lot of places, but not really through the entire state of Nebraska.

Then from North Platte [Neb.] to Omaha all the way to Bettendorf, Iowa, which is on the Mississippi [River]. So we’re going to stay on the Mississippi, we’ve never done that before. Then we’re going to stop in Indianapolis at the racetrack, we’re going to stop at Churchill Downs, we’re going to stop at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., and we’re going to stop at Bristol, Tenn., at the speedway there and have breakfast.

It’s cool because I’m looking forward to seeing the Corvette Museum, going to Indianapolis with a group of people where some of them have been there while some of them haven’t. We’re going to Mount Rushmore with this group. I think that’s the big deal. We’re going on a sightseeing tour, so that’s what I’m most looking forward to.

Glover: This year feels extra special because you have the 20th anniversary of the Victory Junction, the Charity Ride and you’re celebrating 75…

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