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‘We Got Wrecked,’ Buescher Says After Incident with Reddick at Darlington – Motorsports Tribune

‘We Got Wrecked,’ Buescher Says After Incident with Reddick at Darlington – Motorsports Tribune

By David Morgan, Associate Editor

For the second week in a row, Chris Buescher had victory in sight only to have it snatched from his grasp.

In the waning laps of Sunday’s Goodyear 400 at Darlington, Buescher had drove clear of his RFK Racing teammate Brad Keselowski and polesitter Tyler Reddick and it was his race to lose coming down the stretch.

Reddick, who had led the most laps on the day, clawed back the deficit between the two and looked to reclaim the lead with 10 laps to go.

Entering Turn 3, Reddick dove low, trying to get ahead of Buescher by enough space to pull off the slide job, but instead slid right up the track into Buescher’s door, putting him in the wall and damaging Reddick’s car enough to cause him to start dropping back almost immediately before retreating to pit road.

Buescher was able to keep the lead for only the next straightaway before his damage forced him to pit road, handing the lead over to Keselowski, who would go on to break a three-year winless streak.

As his teammate and team owner celebrated on the frontstretch, Buescher was fuming after the contact with Reddick that derailed his day, making a point to stomp down to Reddick’s car and give him a piece of his mind.

“What was that? I raced you clean!” Buescher could be seen saying on the broadcast before shoving Reddick and giving him a tongue lashing.

“I know, I fucked up. I’m sorry,” Reddick said in response.

“No shit!” Buescher shot back. “We have raced each other clean. What was that about?”

Reddick then tried to explain his side, which Buescher was having none of.

“As soon as I knew it wasn’t going to work, I tried to back out and I got you. The last thing I wanted to do was wreck your car. I could care less about mine. I’m sorry. I fucked up…I fucked up,” Reddick said.

“That doesn’t work for me,” Buescher responded. “We don’t have that [win] sticker on our door right now. You need to be better. I don’t have that sticker on my door. This means more. I need you to be better. We’ve raced each other just fine for so long.”

Buescher then turned his back to walk away as Reddick said “I know. I’m sorry, dude.”

After returning to their own corners, both drivers gave their side of the story as to what played out between the two.

“We got wrecked. That one is clear as day. Don’t need any cameras to tell us,” Buescher said.

“I don’t know what to say. We’ve…

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