VMP’s New Ice Tank Cools Down Intercooler Temps

VMP's New Ice Tank Cools Down Intercooler Temps

They say taking an ice bath can help your body rejuvenate itself after a hard workout. While the human body’s muscle restoration process is complex, the use of water for cooling is not unheard of, even in the automotive industry with its air-to-water (A2W) intercoolers. While many might envision a simple square metal box with hoses for the entry and exit of fluids, the reality is far more intricate. Fortunately, VMP Performance has undertaken the task of creating the ultimate ice tank for your A2W intercooler requirements.

Engineered For Success

While the spare tank area does indeed offer racers ample space, and there are numerous traditional air-to-water intercoolers on the market that fit into that area, the VMP Performance ice tank exceeds expectations by offering more than just an adequate fitment.

Traditionally, air-to-water intercoolers were set up similarly to a pool, with a lower hose for the exiting water and the water entering positioned at the top. Justin Starkey, owner of VMP Performance, explains that the design flaw with this setup is that when the water hits, it begins to aerate and create air. As you may know, air is not an effective coolant, which is why you’ve switched to air-to-water cooling in the first place. VMP Performance addresses this issue by mounting the intercooler entry and exit points low in the tank to prevent aeration.

Internally, the ice tank was revised to ensure that any water entering the tank mixes thoroughly with the rest of it. This enhancement to water circulation reduces the overall temperature of the water exiting for the intercooler. However, one of the crucial aspects of the air-to-water intercooler tank is the use of plastic instead of the traditional aluminum. As you know, aluminum has a tendency to sweat.

All In The Details

While fitment is only one part of the equation, VMP Performance has taken it up a step by revising their spare tire air-to-water tank for ultimate efficiency and cooling abilities. With an easy install and a price point starting at $399 it’s a lot less expensive and less painful than any ice bath I’ve jumped in.

Truck Runs Over VMP Ice Tank

Another added benefit to the VMP ice tank is that it is roto-molded for “superior durability.” No kidding.

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