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Esteban Ocon slams ‘gross distortions’ after Pierre Gasly crash

Esteban Ocon slams 'gross distortions' after Pierre Gasly crash

Esteban Ocon said he has been “deeply saddened” by the suggestions he is not a team player in the aftermath of his collision with Alpine teammate Pierre Gasly at the Monaco Grand Prix.

He also insisted he will be competing at the Montreal Grand Prix, despite speculation after the race that Alpine boss Bruno Famin has considered benching him for that event as a result.

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Ocon collided with Gasly on the opening lap in Monaco, leading Famin to say on Canal+ that his driver would face consequences for the incident.

Alpine has since downplayed suggestions Famin’s comments meant a one-race suspension.

In a post to social media on Friday, Ocon labelled his collision with Gasly an “honest mistake,” adding that he has been “deeply saddened by the amount of abuse and negativity that I have received online regarding my character, my driving and my career.”

The incident was the latest of a string of collisions Ocon has had with teammates, but, in the lengthy statement, Ocon said the narrative that has formed around that string has been fuelled by “misinformed statements and gross distortions.”

He added that the suggestion he is not a team player has been “inaccurate, hurtful, and damaging.”

Ocon is yet to sign a contract extension beyond 2024, and it is looking increasingly unlikely he will stay with Alpine.

Multiple sources have told ESPN he is on Haas’ radar, and he also might end up as a left-field option for Audi/Sauber should Carlos Sainz sign with Williams.

Ocon’s statement signed off saying he is looking forward to the “exciting opportunities the future holds.”

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