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Ferrucci Clashes with Trio of Drivers Saturday at Detroit – Motorsports Tribune

Ferrucci Clashes with Trio of Drivers Saturday at Detroit – Motorsports Tribune

By David Morgan, Associate Editor

It was Santino Ferrucci vs the world Saturday on the Streets of Detroit.

The fiery driver of the No. 14 AJ Foyt Racing Chevrolet wasted no time in making enemies on the tight confines of the Motor City street course, first drawing the ire of a pair of Andretti Global drivers – Colton Herta and Kyle Kirkwood – in the morning practice session.

After Kirkwood slowed to allow his teammate Herta by Ferrucci, who was approaching behind them, showed his displeasure by swerving his car toward Kirkwood, with the two banging wheels in the process.

A lap later, Ferrucci appeared to slam on the brakes in front of Herta, maneuvering his car from side to side in an effort not to allow Herta to pass him.

When the three eventually made it back to pit road at the end of the session, things got a little more heated when Kirkwood walked over to Ferrucci’s pit to have a word with him, only for Ferrucci to jump down off pit wall and rush over to shove Kirkwood in the chest.

Despite being separated by INDYCAR officials, Ferrucci made sure to give Kirkwood a piece of his mind, yelling: “You turned into me. You turning into me, you fucking piece of shit! Don’t you ever do that again.”

Kirkwood could only laugh about the encounter as he turned around and walked back to his pit box and his crew.

“We’re in practice. I’m on a lap that’s gonna put us P3, right? I know everybody’s fighting traffic,” Ferrucci said afterwards.

“I’m coming down the hill and who just turns into somebody and slides the car into you? I mean, it’s such a dickish move, man.

“I grew up karting with him, known him a long time. Always been better with him in racecraft. Never seen him do something like that. You saw him turn into Newgarden yesterday. It’s a shame.

“It’s a tight track. We’re way quicker than this and it would have been at least nice to get a lap in. It’s fine. You know, it is what it is.”

Ferrucci added that he didn’t think the incident was his fault and the onboard camera from Kirkwood’s car would corroborate his side of the story.

“Well, if you go back and watch, you see him step on it and turn left. I mean, I don’t know what more evidence you need from that, man. He’s got the onboard camera, not us,” Ferrucci said with a grin.

“And then his little boyfriend teammate over there did the same thing. So yeah, leave it to them, man. We’re out here doing our…

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