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F1 team bosses to meet amid 2026 rules concern

F1 2026 FIA car renders

Just a day after the FIA published concept images and outline plans about the car revolution that is coming from 2026, worries about some of the ideas being implemented have emerged.

With an online meeting of the FIA’s Technical Advisory Committee having exposed some of the issues at stake on Thursday, sources have revealed that team bosses have asked for the topic of 2026 to be central to a gathering that will take place in the Montreal paddock on Saturday morning.

This will form part of what is a semi-regular meeting held with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and other senior stakeholders to discuss the latest issues in F1.

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Currently central to the concern is the fact that some teams feel the FIA has pushed on with elements of the rules which they do not think will work in the way they are intended.

This includes the overall aerodynamic concept, with some teams suggesting that the new cars could be especially slow because they will be lacking downforce and frequently run out of battery power.

Another element that teams want to talk about is the weight reduction plans, with an outline idea being for the cars to be 30kg lighter than the current machinery despite a likely overall increase in the bulk of the batteries.

There are fears that teams will find it impossible to get anywhere near close to that and will end up spending an enormous amount of money in trying to find marginal gains.

Teams also want more details about the state of the active aero plans, with the FIA having said it intends to introduce a dual-state system – with wings in a Z-mode for high downforce and a low-drag X-mode for the straights.

F1 2026 FIA car renders

F1 2026 FIA car renders

Photo by: FIA

FIA deadlines

Although concerns about the state of the regulations have been bubbling away for a while now, it is the FIA’s publication of its plans this week that has thrust the matter centre stage.

The FIA’s actions have effectively shown to the teams that a lot of decisions about what is coming for 2026 have now been made, and highlighted that there is no holding back on plans to get things finalised by the end of this month before it gets more complicated to make changes.

Under the FIA’s International Sporting Code (ISC), any regulation change that the FIA considers is “likely to have a substantial impact on the technical design of the Automobile and/or the balance of performance between the…

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