4.30 A Chat with Seattle Top Fuel Winner Tony Schumacher

4.25 One Down and One To Go

Aug 3, 2022

On this episode of the NHRA Insider
Podcast, Tony Schumacher joins host Brian Lohnes to talk about his
season so far, Joe Maynard taking a majority ownership stake in his
car, his wild victory at Seattle, and what the future holds for the
rest of this season and seasons to come. This is a long-form,
insightful conversation with the winningest driver in top fuel
history. He’s able to bring interesting perspective into the
struggles of building the team he is on and the payoff of their


The conversation regarding the Maynard
Family Racing transition is highly informative and interesting. The
Maynards have significant goals which could have positive
reverberations all through drag racing, not just in the top fuel


Lohnes recaps Seattle, talks about the
swing, and then looks forward to the upcoming Topeka race. Listen

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