Under The Hood Heat Management Strategies With DEI Inc.

Under The Hood Heat Management Strategies With DEI Inc.

Heat control and protection should always be a priority for any high-performance build. Parts can be damaged from both direct contact with a hot surface, or through prolonged exposure to heat. Anything you can do to protect electronics, wires, or fluids under the hood of your vehicle from heat is important.

We worked with Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) on Project Number Cruncher and Project Red Dragon to come up with a heat control plan for each vehicle. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the DEI products we used, and why we used them, with Steve Garrett from DEI.

DEI’s turbo blankets are available in multiple sizes for different turbos.

Keeping Turbo Heat In Check

Now that we’ve swapped Project Red Dragon’s nitrous system for a turbo kit, it was time to limit the amount of radiant heat the turbo could produce. The 80mm VS Racing turbo is going to make plenty of horsepower, but it’s also going to crank out some serious heat. A quality turbo blanket is the only way to fight the heat a turbo can generate under the hood of a vehicle.

A turbo blanket is going to help reduce intake temperatures, as it lowers the amount of heat that can soak into the intake and charge pipes. The turbo blanket is also going to protect all of the electronics that might be close by, as well as any wires or fluid lines from intense heat. According to Garrett, the turbo blanket holds heat in the turbo, therefore, it helps the turbo spool faster and become more efficient.

Turbos can generate a punishing amount of heat under the hood of your vehicle. A turbo blanket will help control the temperatures your vehicle’s critical parts and systems are exposed to.

We opted to use one of DEI’s GEN-3 turbo blankets on Project Red Dragon’s turbocharger. Garrett provides some details on how you can get the most out of a turbo blanket, and how to properly install them.

“Make sure you have the proper size blanket for your turbo. You need to ensure the turbo is covered as much as possible; you also need to make sure the blanket is secure. You’ll want to use some heavy gauge metal wire or a spring to tie it down around the riveted tie-downs to hold it in place.”

Plug wire protectors are like bulletproof vests for your spark plug wires.

Properly Protecting Plug Wires

Spark plug wires can easily fall victim to heat damage when they touch your headers. The heat that headers put out can also impact how well the spark plug wires will perform. We knew that since Project…

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