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DŌST Electric Bikes Sees Growth in U.S. Powersports Sector, Excited for Vegas AIMExpo


PORT COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – British Columbia- DŌST Bikes, a leader in the e-bike sector, comes roaring into AIMExpo in Las Vegas with a National Sales Team in place, samples on the road, and full head of steam as it enters the U.S. Powersports sector for 2023.

High-performance electric bicycles are one of the most exciting new developments in this sector, providing Powersports dealers with a new type of 2-wheeled, powered vehicle to offer their customers. e-Bikes are light enough to carry in a pickup or on an RV to go camping; they don’t require a driver’s license, and they offer more accessibility to urban paths and trails that do not allow gas-powered mopeds or scooters.

This new market is already massive in the U.S., with e-Bike sales outpacing even electric cars, doubling in the last 4 years to 400,000 units annually, and high growth rates expected for the next decade and beyond. Powersports dealers are uniquely positioned to sell and service this rapidly expanding category and create a completely new profit center for their business.

DŌST Bikes CEO Sam Atakhanov explains why success hinges on Dealers choosing the right e-Bike for their customers and why DŌST is the perfect fit: “I’m an avid snowmobiler, and I use ATVs for hunting. Powersports guys like me expect a high-performance experience, and that’s why DŌST is such a perfect fit. Our mid-drive motor provides 40% more torque than any other bike in its Class (up to 28 mph), and it’s the only one that offers both a throttle and pedal assist. Not having a throttle is an absolute deal-breaker.”

There are many more reasons DŌST is the right fit for the Powersports sector:

  • Intelligent Design– DŌST Bikes come fully loaded, including a suspension fork, integrated lights, fenders, cargo racks, and plus-size tires for riding rail trails and gravel roads. Their DROP step-through frame makes it as easy and fun to ride as a scooter;
  • Class 1, 2, and 3 Compliant– All e-Bike models are easily set up to meet all Federal, State, and Regional e-Bike regulations, including Class 3 (28 mph top speed);
  • Ultra-long Range (120 mi) – A unique Dual Battery Systemis available as an upgrade kit that doubles the range up to 120 miles on a single charge, eliminating “range anxiety”. DŌST recently set the Guinness World Record for Longest e-bike Journey at over 7,000 miles using their Dual Battery Technology combined with a high-efficiency…

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