2-Speed Windshield Wiper Control From IDIDIT

2-Speed Windshield Wiper Control From IDIDIT

When you’re building your hot rod, be it a custom cruiser or a retromod bruiser, one of the luxuries of modern vehicles that is nice to have on board is variable-speed windshield wiper control. While you might not plan on taking your beloved project out in the rain, Mother Nature tends to not care about what you want.

One of the things that every car licensed on the street needs is windshield wipers, and since most of us don’t like to do the bare minimum at anything we do, it only makes sense that there is an option to bring modern wiper control into vintage applications. IDIDIT recognized that, and developed a two-speed wiper control system that makes for an easy retrofit into your car’s electronics.

The control box on display showcases just how simple the setup is. The box itself only requires a few connections along with 12-volt accessory power and ground. The simple push-button cycles through low, high, and off, with “off” featuring a return-to-home function for the wipers.

The wiper motor can be driven at two speeds — high and low — and is controlled through a single button connected to the control box. The box itself has several connections to run everything, but essentially only needs 12-volt accessory power to work. IDIDIT considered the integration of the wiper control button into the cockpit when designing the system as well.

“We have a button that can be installed in the end of a tilt stalk or a turn signal lever to turn the wiper motor on or off,” explains Trever Cornwell, IDIDIT’s President. “It’s a two-speed setup — low, high, off; 1, 2, 3 — and if you want to hide the button somewhere, like under the dash, you can do that too.”

In an additional modern touch, the system also has an auto-park function to return the wipers to home when you turn it off. With one simple control box and one push-button switch, you can bring modern multi-speed windshield wiper control to your classic car in a package that was designed and built in the USA.

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