Meziere’s Billet Flexplate For The Ford Mod Motor

billet flexplate

While much attention in the aftermarket has been directed to the later-model Ford performance engine platforms such as the Coyote and the Godzilla, the fabled Modular motor that defined Ford’s muscle car, truck, and van lineup for generations of models, has certainly not been forgotten.

Meziere Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of flexplates — as well as starters, water pumps, cooling system products, and other accessories — has prided itself not only on its engineering principles to design bulletproof parts, but also in accommodating all of the most popular performance engine applications. One of the additions to its true billet flexplate lineup is a 164-tooth part for the Ford Modular engine (4.6L and 5.8L with 8-bolt crankshafts).

The billet flexplate is machined from 4340 round bar, and Meziere’s proprietary manufacturing process, including the heat-treating process ensures an ultra-strong gear tooth and one of the lowest runouts on the market.

“Besides the increase in strength moving from stamped steel to billet, the ring gear is much more concentric because it’s one-piece billet,” Mike Meziere explains. “You don’t have the variation that you get with a ring gear that starts out flat and is wrapped into a circle. With those, the concentricity is not usually very good, and the likelihood of breaking a tooth or even a section and having it open up increases the chance of a flexplate explosion. The strength is key, but it’s its ability to transmit torque. There’s also the multiple bolt holes that we engineering into its design to accommodate multiple torque converter configurations.”

The ring gear is much more concentric because made of its one-piece billet. You don’t have the variation that you get with a ring gear that starts out flat and is wrapped into a circle. – Mike Meziere, Meziere Enterprises

The concentricity of the gear is machined to within .005-inch. Featuring a chamfered-tooth design and a 12-pitch tooth profile, the billet flexplate weighs just 7.3 pounds. All of Meziere’s billet flexplates are certified to SFI 29.2.

Meziere notes these may not be compatible with stock-type Ford converter designs. The flexplate is flat across the front, and thus some stock converters have a profile that will conflict with this.

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