Keep Your Engine Cool With SPAL Brushless Fans


One of the key components of your cooling system is the fan(s). The radiator can’t do its job if there’s not enough air being moved through it. SPAL USA’s new 16-inch 30107328 fan is an air-moving beast that will keep your engine in its optimal operating temperature range.

The 30107328 fan is sealed and uses a 500w brushless motor. This fan has the same mounting pattern as the brushed VA18 and VA33 fans offered by SPAL. When it comes to moving air, the 30107328 is rated at 2,433 cfm in “free air” conditions. When you mix all of these factors together, the result is a robust fan that’s durable and capable of functioning in the challenging environment of a vehicle’s engine bay.

“Being that the 30107328 fits some existing SPAL 16-inch brushed fan model footprints, it will dramatically ease installation,” said Thom Balistrieri, director of aftermarket sales, SPAL USA.  “The demand for higher performing, more efficient, and durable electric fans continues to push the market forward.  The addition of the 30107328, 500w SBL fan will deliver increased power, reliability, durability, and optimal performance in all conditions.  The entire SPAL sealed, brushless (SBL) fan line has taken the race and hot rod community by storm.  With tried and tested results, SPAL continues to be the leader in cooling technology.” added Balistrieri.

If you’re looking for a fan that can bring your cooling system to the next level, you’ll want to check out SPAL USA’s 16” 30107328. You can learn more about this fan and SPAL’s brushless fan technology right here on the company’s website.

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