New Slant-Edge Single-Wire Alternator From ProForm

New Slant-Edge Single-Wire Alternator From ProForm

When it comes to underhood dress-up, you really only have a couple of options for alternators. Natural, chrome, or maybe black. Other than colors, alternators all tend to look the same as well. “No one has ever changed the look of an alternator in all of time,” says Proform’s Booth Platt. It was that idea that led to Proform’s new Slant Edge alternator line on display at the SEMA Show.

“Everyone is spending a ton of money on valve covers, matching air cleaners, breather caps, but the alternator is unsightly and an eyesore on the engine,” says Platt. “Even beyond just the finish, all alternators have the same look to them. With this project, we designed these alternators with a whole new vision. We got rid of all the normal design cues and added our own. There’s a micro CNC finish on the edges, and instead of just stickers, we have inlaid logos filled with paint, or raised logos with a milled finish.”

Not only can you see the several finishes available but also the raised and milled logo (on the natural and red alternators) compared to the sunken and paint-filled logo (the dark grey alternator with a red fill).

Proform has completely revamped the alternator’s exterior to be visually distinct in the market and on your engine. In addition to changing the silhouette of the alternator, Proform has also carried over the colorway and design cues from the slant-edge accessory line, so the alternators perfectly match both the style and color of your existing Proform accessories.

The alternators are a 1-wire design and are manufactured with all new parts and feature the 10SI bolt pattern. They are advertised with a 110-amp output with a low-RPM cut-in. They will probably output closer to 120 amps. We always aim to go over spec,” says Platt.

Now, you have options to not just change the color of your alternator, but the whole look of it, while color-matching the rest of your underhood accessories.

Slant edge alternator

A one-wire hookup and 10SA bolt pattern make for easy installation.

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