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BMW Motorrad celebrates 100 years of success. Major anniversary exhibition at the BMW Museum.

BMW Motorrad celebrates 100 years of success. Major anniversary exhibition at the BMW Museum.

MUNICH, GERMANY – May 12, 2023 – (Motor Sports NewsWire) – The major anniversary exhibition at the BMW Museum to mark 100 years of BMW Motorrad opens its doors on May 12th 2023. Visitors will then be able to embark on an intense, exciting journey through 100 years of BMW Motorrad history over the exhibition’s approximately year-long run.

Over 55 original BMW motorcycles and themed displays with 15 unique stations.

In honour of these motorised two-wheelers, which have always supported the sporty, dynamic image of Bayerische Motoren Werke and today contribute significantly to its economic success, the BMW Museum will be displaying more than 55 original motorcycles from 10 decades in its world-famous Museumsschüssel (Museum Bowl).

Built in 1973, this round building’s architecture continues to fascinate visitors to this day and boasts themed displays comprising roughly 15 stations. Five larger exhibition levels are dedicated to the best-known BMW Motorrad designers, the various customer interests, the most captivating motorcycle combinations and remarkable models. In addition, unique treasures from the BMW Group Classic historic collection of vehicles will be displayed to the public for the first time on their own dedicated platform.

A thrilling journey through 100 years of BMW Motorrad history.

At the centre of the exhibition are a number of original motorcycles spanning a period of 100 years, which present an appropriate depiction of the development of the BMW Motorrad brand over time. The exhibition also draws on tanks, benches, lights, rider’s helmets, frames and smaller technical details to trace exciting lines of development from the past to the present. Space is also devoted to specific aspects such as motorsports, electromobility, research and development, and advertising, as well as the fascinating world experienced by two globetrotters on their BMW motorcycles. Exported to more than 110 countries to date, the company’s vehicles for use by the authorities play a decisive role at international scale. The exhibition will also highlight the BMW Motorrad clubs organised around the globe.

Exciting motorcycle pairings from past and present. Racing drivers and developers from 100 years of BMW Motorrad.

In the exhibition’s wide-ranging content, the concept of the anniversary exhibition proceeds in principle from motorcycle pairings, with a historical vehicle in each case being placed beside a current one. This creates many interesting…

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